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Latest Podcast Episodes


By Taj Salaam | Jan 20, 2019 |

I$O INDIES is a hip hop duo, which comprises of Conchez Yut and Dillmatic. We will be talking about their album titled, “I.S.O.”


By Taj Salaam | Jan 6, 2019 |

Contemporary history is littered with the surprisingly complex stories of white people participating in blackface and minstrelsy. At the end of their experiments in so-called “blackness,” Alisha Gaines argues, these debatably well-meaning white impersonators arrived at little more than false consciousness….

The Vitamin Cea (JoyFull Noise)

By Taj Salaam | Dec 30, 2018 |

The Vitamin Cea is an emcee, representing Mississippi. We will be talking about her album titled, “Joy Full Noise”….


By Taj Salaam | Dec 23, 2018 |

“Black is Beautiful; A Philosophy of Black Aesthetics”, provides a long-overdue synthesis, identifying and exploring the most significant philosophical issues that emerge from the aesthetic dimensions of black life, both in the fine arts and beyond…

Donnie Raven (Livelihood)

By Taj Salaam | Dec 16, 2018 |

Donnie Raven is an emcee, representing Denver, CO. We will be talking about his album titled, “Livelihood”.

Haseeb (Growth)

By Taj Salaam | Dec 9, 2018 |

Haseeb is an emcee, representing Los Angeles, California. We will be talking about his album titled, “Growth”.


By Taj Salaam | Dec 2, 2018 |

Today, I’m talking with Dr. Judith Weisenfeld about her highly-informative book called, “New World A-Coming: Black Religion and Racial Identity during the Great Migration”….

Griot B (Ourstory & Historia)

By Taj Salaam | Nov 25, 2018 |

Griot B is an emcee and the founder of School Yard Rap, which is a company created for one purpose, to Educate through Entertainment. We will be talking about School Yard Rap and two of his albums titled, “Ourstory & Historia”

Samad Savage (The Greg Area)

By Taj Salaam | Nov 18, 2018 |

Today I’m talking with Samad Savage about his album titled, “The Grey Area”!

The Bone and Sinew of the Land

By Taj Salaam | Nov 11, 2018 |

“The Bone and Sinew of the Land: America’s Forgotten Black Pioneers and the Struggle for Equality”, tells the long-hidden stories of America’s black pioneers, the frontier they settled, and their fight for the heart of the nation. It courageously unveils the lost history of the nation’s first Great Migration. In building hundreds of settlements on the frontier, these black pioneers were making a stand for equality and freedom….