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Locksmith (Olive Branch)

Locksmith_ Cover Photo_Canva

Locksmith is a west coast emcee and producer, representing the Bay Area of California. We will be talking about his socially conscious, mentally invigorating and provocative THIRD official album entitled, “Olive Branch”! Locksmith’s music has been featured on MTV, BET, Revolt TV, Shade 45, TeamBackpack, and Hot 97’s “Who’s Next?” concert series. Plus, Locksmith has…

The First Americans Were Africans: REVISITED

David Imhotep_ Cover Photo_Canva

Dr. David Imhotep is a professor, historian, and author of the book entitled, “The First Americans Were Africans: REVISITED”. In “The First Americans Were Africans”, Dr. David Imhotep goes into detail how, Africans not only came before Columbus and Clovis, but were in the Americas far before any other group, at least 60,000 years ago.…

K’ Valentine (Here For A Reason)

K' Valentine_ Cover Photo_Canva

K’ Valentine is an MC, representing Chicago, Illinois. She has worked with BJ the Chicago Kid, Tweet, Talib Kweli, Styles P, and various other artists. We will be talking about her official debut album entitled, “Here for a Reason” iTunes: Here is a chronological list of the songs played on the episode. Click the links to purchase.…

Zion I (The Labyrinth)

Zion I_ Cover Photo Canva

Zumbi of Zion I is an Oakland-based MC/Producer. Zumbi has more than two dozen albums, mixtapes, EPs, and collaborations. He has worked with artists from across all genres of music. From the reggae-rock giants Rebelution, to hip-hop legends Too Short, and The Roots MC, Black Thought, to heavy hitting rockers Linkin Park and alternative rock/reggae-rapper…

Frank Castle (B.U.T.T.E.R.)

Frank Castle_ Cover Photo Canva

Frank Castle is an emcee representing New York City. He has collaborated with some top-notched MCs like Joell Ortiz and the legendary Kool G Rap. We will be talking about his super-lyrical and stimulating album entitled, “B.U.T.T.E.R.”   iTunes: Here is a chronological list of the songs played on the episode. Click the links to purchase.…

Substantial (The Past Is Always Present In The Future)

Substantial_ Cover_Canva

Substantial is Maryland native emcee. He has collaborated with a long list of artists such as the legendary Godfather of Hip Hop, Kool Herc, Bootsy Collins, all-star rockers Gene Simmons & Bruce Kulick of KISS, Oddisee, CunninLynguists, and that’s just to name a few. He has also worked with brands such as, Ford Motor Company, Amazon, UBER…

K. Bishop (Freedom)

K. Bishop_ Cover Photo_Canva

K. Bishop is an MC, representing the island of Trinidad and Tobago. We will be talking about his invigorating, socially conscious, and provocative new EP entitled, “FREEDOM”   Click here to visit K. Bishop’s website.   iTunes: Here is a chronological list of the songs played on the episode. Click the links to purchase. Shackles & Chains…

The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America

The Color of Law_ Book Cover_Canva

Richard Rothstein, who is a leading authority on housing policy, explodes the myth that America’s cities came to be racially divided through de facto segregation―that is, through individual prejudices, income differences, or the actions of private institutions like banks and real estate agencies. Rather, in his book, The Color of Law, without-a-doubt makes clear that…

Hello Tomorrow (Hallelujah)

Hello Tomorrow Hallelujah Cover Photo

Today, I’m talking with D. Focis, who is a Detroit-based MC/producer/engineer. With his partner Tone Beatz, they form the duo called, Hello Tomorrow. We will be talking to him about their new project entitled, Hallelujah. iTunes: Here is a chronological list of the songs played on the episode. Click the links to purchase. For Kalief (SoundCloud) Special…

Black Wall Street: From Riot to Renaissance in Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District

black wall street

Early in the twentieth century, the black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma, located in the “Greenwood District”- became frequently referred to as “The Black Wall Street of America”. Legal segregation forced blacks to do business among themselves. As a result, the Greenwood district prospered as dollars circulated within the black community. But fear and jealousy grew…

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