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"This Book Will Change The Way History Is Written
About The Western Hemisphere


“In The First Americans were Africans Dr. David Imhotep makes a passionate, imaginative and comprehensive case for a radical rewrite of orthodox history. I was provoked, entertained and intrigued by the book and many interesting possibilities that it opens up for consideration.”
Graham Hancock
author of Fingerprints of the Gods


“David Imhotep’s thesis is an exciting study and a must-read for anyone interested in the origins of the first Americans.It is our deep conviction that black Africa is at the very root of the human adventure and is the seed of all civilization, and Dr. Imhotep’s work is a huge contribution in restoring to the black African people their rightful place in history.”
Robert Beavul and Thomas Brophy Ph.D.
authors of Black Genesis


“In this remarkable book, Dr. David Imhotep has pulled together an amazing set of facts. What is obvious is that what we have been told in history books about the true origin of ancient American civilization is simply wrong. This book provides convincing evidence that the Americas were settled far earlier than thought and that the earliest inhabitants probably came from Africa.”
Gregory Little Ph.D.
author of The Illustrated Encyclopedia of  Native American Mounds & Earthworks"

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