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Kyle Bent is an MC representing Boston, Massachusetts. He has shared the stage with talented music artists such as Hopsin, Joyner Lucas, Saba, Denzel Curry, and Nelly. In 2014, Kyle Bent attained massive exposure with the release of his highly acclaimed music video entitled, “Mind Control”. The success of this song got him featured on, MTV, On Demand, Music Choice, and many other prominent television networks. Plus, this song caught the attention of many influential hip-hop music blogs such as Undergroundhiphop, The Source, and XXL. Today we going to talk about his two most recent albums; the first one entitled, “Dreams of a God” and the second one entitled, “Complex Simplicity”


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Here is a chronological list of the songs played on the episode. Click the links to purchase.

  1. Cliche
  2. The Moment
  3. Higher Power
  4. Rotten Apple Seeds
  5. Wisest Man
  6. Conversations



Mentioned on the episode. Click the links to purchase.




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